5 Music Notation Program for Tablets and iPad

As a composer, orchestrator, arranger or even students who need to complete their assignment by creating a sheet music needs a Music Notation Program that can help them. 

Ever think before that you can write your own music anywhere anytime you want by using either Tablets or iPad? Here are the notation programs that you can bring along wherever you want and used in your iPad or Tablets along with your pen. 


Staffpad has partnered with some of the world’s finest sample library developers, such as Cinesamples, Orchestral Tools and Spitfire Audio, etc in order to get a better playback quality in the program. It has a very cool feature which is having the StaffPad Reader, the staffpad Reader allows players to receive the score changes in live time without any delay.

Price: $89.99 (iOS/Android)


Sibelius is one of the software developed by Avid. It is one of the industry-standard notation software used by professional composers, orchestrators, or even arrangers. Sibelius was firstly designed for computers (macOS/Windows) based, and just recently in the year 2021, they released an iPad version.

Sibelius offers Subscription plans rather than owning them as a perpetual license. But don’t worry, they do offer licenses for Students/Teachers or even Enterprise & Institutions which still includes both desktop and mobile versions.

If you are just wondering how it works, you can always try out their free version “Sibelius – First” which can allow you to write simple scores with up to 4 instrumental parts.

You can always crossover using it by working in Desktop and Mobile versions. 


Dorico is another leading industry-standard notation software. It is developed by Steinberg. Dorico iPad is also available with a free download license that allows us to write music for up to 4 players.

Due to Dorico iPad being still a brand new developed software, the features are still very limited. But it is still able to use freely and compatible between macOS and Windows.


MuseScore is one of the oldest notation software programs. It is free software that allows you to write music up to a full orchestra layout setting. It has the largest music sheet library that is available for free download. But still, there are some limitations that MuseScore couldn’t make it. 

Price: FREE (iOS/Android)

Notion 6

Notion 6 was developed by PreSonus. It has serious studio integration in which we can create a music production powerhouse by pairing Notion 6 with Studio One 3, where we can send audio, note, track, VST, and score data directly between the applications. The workflow between Notion 6, and Studio One is unprecedented, as both applications can run side by side on the same computer or on any computer on the same network. 

Price: (iOS/Androids)

Hope this article does help you, and Wishing you happy writing! 

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