5 Trailer Music Courses

What is Trailer Music?

Trailer Music is a piece of music that is placed on a movie trailer. The common cutting of music will be 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 minute, and 3 minutes. It depends on the needs of the trailer house. It’s for a teaser video from the full movie. 

The music that used in a Trailer Video is different from the film music. The composer didn’t write the music for the Trailer. It’s often a separate composer to do this. 

I have been studying a lot about how trailer music can be constructed. The courses that I recommend most of the time will be courses from Evenant Music, Trailer Music Academy, Alex Pfeffer, Dirk Elhert, and Trailer Music Mixing. 

Some success trailer composer such as Daniel Beijbom, Alex Moukala, Michael MaasMark PetrieCody StillAlex Pfeffer, etc. 

Evenant Music

Evenant Music, the first trailer learning platform that I have used since 2016. Walid Feghali is the CEO & Co-Founder of Evenant, and Arn Andersson is the other Co-Founder of Evenant. 

They first started with Trailer Music Courses, but now they offer two fields of courses, Cinematic Music and also Cinematic Design. They have in-depth materials to share with the students from beginner to the expert, the topics such as “DAW overview, Basic Music Theory, Mixing & Mastering, Software & Samples, Basics of Music Licensing”. Everything from scratch the finished product, they will guide you step by step. You wouldn’t miss anything, because they have everything that you need to know!

Cinematic Design

  1. 3D For Artists – Concept Art Workflow in Blender For Absolute Beginners – $199
  2. Cinematic Design – From Idea to Finished Concept Art – $399
  3. Concept Art Accelerator – $49
  4. The Awesome Art of Matte – $69
  5. The Essentials of Photoshop – $69 
  6. Visual Storytelling – Creating Stories Through Art – $199
  7. Cinematic Design Bundle – $499

Cinematic Music

  1. Cinematic Music The Essentials – $99
  2. Cinematic Music I – From Idea To Finished Recording – $399
  3. Cinematic Music II – From The First Tracks And Beyond – $299
  4. Cinematic SFX – $149
  5. Cinematic Synthesis – Digital Sound Creation – $199
  6. Mixing Workshop – From Stems to Final Master – $199
  7. Orchestral Sketching – Accelerate Your Composing Speed – $199
  8. Orchestration Reloaded – String Arranging – $249
  9. The Business of Music Licensing – $49
  10. Trailer Music Redefined – $399
  11. Trailer Sound Design – From Source To Cinema – $249
  12. Trailer Orchestration – $69
  13. Cinematic Music Bundle – $499
  14. The Arn Andersson Bundle – $749
  15. The Anze Rozman Bundle – $349
  16. Evenant Trailer Music Bundle – $599
  17. Evenant Sound Design Bundle – $399
  18. Evenant Complete Music Bundle – $1299
Alex Pfeffer’s Trailer Music Course

Alex Pfeffer is a German-based artist and composer. He is a well-known composer that worked with Two Steps from Hell, Sarah Brightman, Trevor Morris, Frank Peterson, and more. 

From the course, he will break through the tracks that he worked on and share secrets with us. There are lots of reviews from the others such as Nick Phoenix (Two Steps From Hell), Jeff Rona, Mike R, and the others. 

What is included in the course?

  1. Trailer Music Essentials
  2. Videos on Industry Releases
  3. Tools and Bonus Files
  4. Exclusive Tracks & Session Files
  5. Trailer Business Fundamentals
  6. Email and Comment Support

The price for the course is $279 (Tax may apply depending on location) for ONE TIME fee or 3x $93 (Tax may apply depending on location) for $93/month. 

The CTO Production Music Course

The CTO Production Music Course was created by a German Composer, Dirk Ehlert. He has been working as a full-time media composer for the last 12 years, working for numerous Production Music Labels (Universal, BMG, DOS Brains, BrandX, etc) for trailers, commercials, TV, Games and Movies.

His credits included The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Trailer Music), Naked and Afraid XL (Additional Music), Crikey! It’s the Irwins (Additional Music), etc. 

His course primarily teaches you to “Learn How to Write Music For Libraries and Film & TV Placements”. What is included in the course?

  1. Introduction of Production Music
  2. Track Walkthroughs
  3. His Template
  4. Session Files Included
  5. Industry Insight
  6. Built in Support
  7. Total up to 4 hours of Video Content
  8. Exclusive access on his Discord server

What are the genres that are covered in the course? Total up to 12 GENRES!!

  1. Mystery Underscore
  2. High Tension Drama
  3. Game Show Tension
  4. Epic Sports Action
  5. Tropical House
  6. Ethnic Flavors
  7. Hip Hop Drama
  8. Dramedy
  9. Crime
  10. Documentary
  11. Emotional
  12. Uplifting

The price for the course is €288 + VAT (One Time Payment) or 3x €96 + VAT (3 easy monthly payments).

It is now the early access period, which means not all of the content is available, but once every content is available, the price will definitely increase. So Grab your slot now!

Trailer Music Academy

Trailer Music Mastery by Daniel Beijbom – $299

This course is hosted by Swedish Composer, Daniel Beijbom who has worked as an assistant of Tom Holkenborg/ Junkie XL. He has licensed his music to various major movie trailer campaigns, his credits include Star Wars: Rogue One, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, etc. 

He will be sharing the tips on creating a track from scratch, some of his own tracks (walkthrough videos), giving some production tips and mixing workflow. 

Trailer Music Basics by Christian Baczyk – $199 (One Time Payment) or 2 payments of $99/month

Christian Baczyk is the founder of Trailer Music Academy. He has licensed music to thousands of clients worldwide, including major studios and game developers. His course will teach you some of the Trailer Music’s Essentials, Music Business, Productivity Tips, and Mastery of the Mind. 

Trailer Music Mixing

Orchestral Music Mixing – Learn How To Mix & Master Trailer and Orchestral Music

Joël Dollié is a French Mixing and Mastering Engineer whose work can be heard throughout the music and entertainment industry. He has collaborated with Ghostwriter Music, SPM Music Group, Sonic Symphony, etc.

The course “Orchestral Music Mixing” shows you everything you need to perfectly mix and master an orchestra-based track. It includes 13 hours of video content, plenty of written resources. The topics include

  1. The Keys to a Great Orchestral Mix
  2. Mix and Master Deconstructions
  3. The 10 Second Trailer Mixing Exercise
  4. Text Resources
  5. Bonus Content

The price for the course is $299 for ONE TIME fee or 3x $99 for $99/month.


It really depends on which level and what you need at the moment, but if you are totally a beginner, you could try out Alex Pfeffer or Dirk Elhert’s course. Hope this helps!

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