Music Clefs

There are lots of different music clefs in music theory, such as Soprano clef, Mezzo-Soprano clef, Subbass clef, etc. But we are here to discuss the four main music clefs, which are Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass clef, which are common in SATB writing, either in open score or closed score. The open score simply …

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Film Terminology

As Film Composers, we were often invited by the director or producer to have “Spotting Sessions.” This is an important meeting for the composer, the chance to get through and understand the movie. The composer may discuss anything related to music, such as genre, moods, scenes that needed music, etc. Therefore, we cannot always use musical …

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Advanced Scales

If you have read through the Music Theory Essential Guide, you might be wondering what are the possible scales left out there. Other than Major and Minor scales, there are still existing lots of different scales, such as church mode scales, blue scales, pentatonic scales, etc. And now we are going to discuss it. A …

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