Film Music

Film Terminology

As Film Composers, we were often invited by the director or producer to have “Spotting Sessions.” This is an important meeting for the composer, the chance to get through and understand the movie. The composer may discuss anything related to music, such as genre, moods, scenes that needed music, etc. Therefore, we cannot always use musical …

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Film Music Workshop

As a Film Composer, nowhere to go during Summer? Join the Film Music Workshop! It is definitely a good experience for you to meet up with the professionals and make new friends! What is workshop?  Workshops may involve more hands-on learning however also allow discussion, interaction, and presentation. You will meeting lots of industry professionals …

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Film Music Competition

As Film Composers, we have to keep on practicing our craft, by doing so we need to get a video/film and start to score it. Film Music Competition is a good platform to determine your skills at which level, but of course don’t be down if you can’t get any prizes, it definitely worth getting …

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