Music Career

Composer Associations

As a media composer, whether you are working in the Film & TV or Game industry, it’s best to have a community that you can join and learn from each other so that you can keep on growing and improving. There are different types of membership available in different organizations. All of the organizations offer […]

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Music Conductor

A music conductor is a person who has full control of music interpretation that conducts an orchestra, chorus, opera or other musical groups. Conductors usually have to stress the musical pulse so most of the performers can follow the same tempo/speed. Classical choral and instrumental conducting have established comprehensive systems of instruction and training, they

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Library Music

As a content creator/composer, we can sell our music into music marketplaces such as AudioJungle, Pond5, VFineMusic, etc, provided our music quality/production is good enough. Other content creators such as photographers, coders or designers, can also sell their arts into these marketplaces. To approve for content creators to sell things on their platform, you need

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Music Orchestrator

Who is the Orchestrator? An orchestrator is a trained musical professional who assigns instruments to an orchestra or other musical ensemble from a piece of music composed by a composer. The training is done by orchestrators varies. Most have completed formal postsecondary education in music, such as Bachelor of Music (B.Mus), Master of Music (M.Mus.),

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Music Composer

A music composer is a person who composes the music for the players to perform. The person can be writing in any genre/style of music for any ensembles. For example, jingles, film music, electronic music, etc. There’s no one who can master every genre/style of music. Therefore, for each genre/style, the composer has to study

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