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Open Back Vs Closed-Back Headphones

The internet is packed with worth-listening songs, amazing movies, and videos. To consume all that content and to enjoy the upgraded tracks you certainly need a pair of suitable headphones. But for those who do not know much about technology, the headphone marketplace appears as a maze. That’s why you need to know the differences […]

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5 Music Notation Program for Tablets and iPad

As a composer, orchestrator, arranger or even students who need to complete their assignment by creating a sheet music needs a Music Notation Program that can help them. Ever think before that you can write your own music anywhere anytime you want by using either Tablets or iPad? Here are the notation programs that you

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Best Portable Midi Controllers

Are you looking for a Small and Portable MIDI Controller to travel with, so that you can work anywhere you wish? Having a good small and portable MIDI Controller definitely speed up your workflow as a composer, arranger, or orchestrator. Most of the MIDI controllers have common features and be able to support most of

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What is SoundProofing

What is Soundproofing? A Detailed Guide Soundproofing is the process by which sound is kept from entering or leaving a room. This is usually done in places where being able to hear someone clearly is very important. For instance, most recording studios or large lecture halls are soundproofed. Doing this helps cancel out external noise

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88 Midi Keyboard Controllers

What is a MIDI Keyboard Controller? A MIDI controller is a device that can let you sequence music and play virtual instruments on your Mac or PC. It is sending the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data to a computer or synthesizer, then interprets the signal and makes a sound. A good MIDI keyboard makes

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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

DAW, known as Digital Audio Workstation is a software that most composers, arrangers, or orchestrators use nowadays to program the music into it. It is mostly used for recording, editing, and producing audio files. It requires at least one input device for adding or modifying data. This can be simple as a mouse and keyboard

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Notation Program

If you are a composer/arranger/orchestrator, then you must know about music notation software!  What is a Music Notation Program/ScoreWriter? A music notation program is software for creating, editing, and printing sheet music. It allows composers, arrangers, orchestrators to playback what they have composed, arranged, or orchestrated, therefore they have the guidance on whether it sounds

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