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Music University vs Conservatory

You might wonder about the differences between a music conservatory and a music university when choosing a destination for higher studies in music. The most decisive point for all music students seeking admissions in professional studies is deciding between the university and the conservatory. For those who are willing to major in music, there are […]

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Difference Between MA and MFA in Arts

What is the difference between MA and MFA in Arts? Which one is best, MA (Master of Arts) or MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)? It is the most common question that appears on the minds’ of students when planning for post graduation in Arts. Even their abbreviations appear confusing with a difference of only one

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6 Best Online Learning Platforms in 2022

Education and learning are considered an important part of life. The online atmosphere is changing and it has created effective learning opportunities. Though physical learning in classrooms is more interactive and synergized, online learning is becoming widespread in today’s world. Due to affordability and accessibility, these learning platforms have transformed the system of both commercial

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Best Online Music School

Online Music School is the alternative way if you are not able to study abroad. Are you looking for online education either for undergraduate or graduate music studies? There are pros and cons when taking online studies. But no matter what, it really depends on your needs (financial, courses, duration) at that time. Due to

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Difference Between Music Colleges and Universities

How to Select a Right Music Colleges or University: Here is All You Need to Know! A college is a degree-granting post-secondary educational institution. A university is an institution that grants academic degrees in a variety of fields and generally offers both undergraduate education and graduate programs. Colleges are more into pre-level (diplomas, undergraduate), a

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Difference between DMA and Ph.D in Music

Ambitious, success, career are all part of life that make you stronger and wiser. Among all the professions music is one which is fairly diverse and indifferent. It is an art and a collection of feelings and emotions. Only talented people enroll themselves in music school. This is because it requires passion, consistency and skills.

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ThinkSpace Education (Alumni)

ThinkSpace Education is an online school that offers lots of short courses that cover topics from Music Composition, Technology, and Music Business such as “Learn Music Theory”, “How To Write Music”, “Harmony One”, “Harmony Two”, “Working Composer”, “Music For The Media”, etc to help to emerge and aspiring composers to kickstart their studies. The short courses

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Film Scoring University in United States

Being a film music enthusiast/lover, if you wish to study Film Scoring/Screen Scoring and make this your career, then you probably have to start studying somewhere. Going to school is one of the choices, getting knowledge from the professional lecturers, meeting up new friends, and having broader networking among the filmmakers if possible. What can

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Benefits of Being a Music Student

I am always wondering if I can become a student forever. I love to study and search for many different pieces of information that related to music. I can sit there, read and watch videos all the time.   There are lots of benefits of being a music student. One of them is having discounts on

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Music Colleges and Universities in Malaysia

Just finished your school and looking forward to music programs for your future? I have researched some colleges and universities in Malaysia for your convenience.  I will be based on a Malaysian Student’s perspective to share my information. For your information, there are Public or Private Colleges and Universities.  The main difference is the fees.

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