Music Theory

Music History (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century)

Baroque Music Period Music has roughly started some thousand years back and it has traveled a long way before reaching us. It includes emotions, ideology, art, and portrays the culture. The styles and sound of music compositions have progressed and emerged with assorted tapestries since the evolution of mankind. Music also speaks about its creators […]

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Musical Terms (Grade 1 – 5 ABRSM)

Italian Terms a – at, to, by, for, in the style of a niente – dying away a tempo – in time ad libitum, ad lib. – at choice, freely accelerando (or accel.) – gradually getting faster Adagietto – rather slow (quicker than Adagio) Adagio – slow affettuoso – tenderly affrettando – hurrying agitato –

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Triads and Chords Triads are made up of 3 notes, where the chords are made up at least 4 notes. There are several common types of chords in music theory, such as major, minor, diminished, augmented, and also mix and match in between. Major Chord is built with Major 3rd and a Minor 3rd. Minor

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Music Clefs

There are lots of different music clefs in music theory, such as Soprano clef, Mezzo-Soprano clef, Subbass clef, etc. But we are here to discuss the four main music clefs, which are Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass clef, which are common in SATB writing, either in open score or closed score. The open score simply

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Advanced Scales

If you have read through the Music Theory Essential Guide, you might be wondering what are the possible scales left out there. Other than Major and Minor scales, there are still existing lots of different scales, such as church mode scales, blue scales, pentatonic scales, etc. And now we are going to discuss it. A

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Music Ornaments

Music Ornaments or Embellishments are known as decoration notes as well which also is included in music theory. But people often are not very clear how to interpret it. Most of the time we are adding notes that are not essential to carry the overall line of the melody or harmony, but serve instead to

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Music Intervals

Interval is the distance between the two notes, count from the bottom notes to the top. It is an important skill from ear training, music transcription, musical intonation and sight-reading.  There are total of 5 types intervals in music theory, such as Major, Minor, Perfect, Augmented and Diminished, but we commonly use only Major or

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Music Theory Essential Guide

Music Theory is a very broad term to describe music. Music Theory can include harmony, chords, melody, analysis, etc. But which topics should you first as a beginner? Every topics are very essential to any musicians.  Have you ever wondered about either melody or rhythm that usually a child can pick up easily? I would

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