Film Music Workshop

As a Film Composer, nowhere to go during Summer? Join the Film Music Workshop! It is definitely a good experience for you to meet up with the professionals and make new friends!

What is workshop?

 Workshops may involve more hands-on learning however also allow discussion, interaction, and presentation. You will meeting lots of industry professionals and friends that have the same interest like you! 

The workshops listed below are all guided by Hollywood A-List Composers, Orchestrators and Conductors. They will share the insights of Film Music, break down and discuss the process of Film Music. 

List of Workshops

Hollywood Music Workshop (Baden, Vienna)

– Guest Lecturers includes Conrad Pope, Nan Schwartz, Joe Kraemer, John Lunn, Garry Schyman and Joanna Wallfisch.

– Courses includes Orchestration & Arrangement, Live-Recording, Composing for Film “Narrative Storytelling”, Composing for Video Games, Composing for TV Drama and The Human Voice in Filmmusic


  • Learn from the best in the business
  • Immerse yourself for several hours per day in concentrated work on featured topics
  • Gain exclusive insider’s view of how people work at the highest level in the professional film music world
  • Interact, receive assignments & feedback
  • Utilize our Q&A via chat or in-person
  • Active open-ended exchanges with the lecturer & participants
  • Great opportunity to have an exceptional experience for yourself
  • Spend time with lots of talented people from all over the world
  • Make & enjoy new friendships
  • Become a part of the HMW networking
Palomar Film Music Workshop (San Diego County, United States)

– Faculty includes Larry Groupe, Roger Neill, Garry Schymann, George S. Clinton, Richard Marvin, Steven Wayne Thomas, Jason Larocca, Brad Ritchie and Rachel Penn

– $2400 Tuition, from $729 Lodging & Meals


  • Culminating professional Hollywood-level recording sessions of your best composition from the workshop.

  • Orchestration techniques and hybrid scoring for the screen which amplifies the most important musical elements when mixed with dialogue and sfx.

  • Refining your dramatic sensibility and story arc concerns leading to how music functions best in cinematic situations.

  • Improving your MIDI demos so you sound more professional to better compete in the industry.

  • The invaluable immersive experience at the workshop making long-term friendships with your fellow composers, faculty, and visiting guests.

  • Business and contractual basics of how to monetize your artistic life with a variety of revenue streams.

NYU Film Scoring Workshop (New York, United States)
– Lecturers by Mark Snow and Michael Levine


  • Creative Process and Composition

  • Critiques by Top Industry Guests

  • Logic Pro X + Sample Library Bootcamp

  • Virtual and Traditional Orchestration

  • Music Editing, Preparation, and Engineering

  • Evening Presentations with Industry Guests

Fusion Film Scoring (Thessaloniki, Greece)
– Faculty includes Mihali Paleologou, Fredi Devas, Peter Albrechtsen, Dimitris Argyriou, Yannis Mavrides, and Sotiris Noukas


  • Be mentored by our internationally acclaimed faculty and visiting industry professionals

  • Create an original score for a short film of approximately 5-minute duration

  • Receive copyright permission to use in their portfolio & share the film with their music

  • Receive a recording of their composition mixed and mastered as well as a pro-tools session with all the recorded material to be used creatively in the future.

  • Selected participants will receive accreditation to take part at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival where they will have the opportunity to meet film industry professionals and promote their work at the market of the festival.
Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive (Los Angeles, United States)
This workshop focuses on the key elements of composition and baton technique, in addition to body movement, orchestration, working with a click track, punches and streamers, score and part preparation, etc. Fellows also have the opportunity to study and conduct great repertoire, not only that they also need to prepare their own cue to conduct and record with the 45-piece Hollywood Studio Symphony. 

Faculty includes Conrad Pope, William Ross, Angel Velez, Booker White and Emilie Bernstein.

Film Scoring Summer Program (Varna, Bulgaria)
– Faculty includes Jan Grenner, Derek Gleeson, Jeremy Leidhecker, Debbie Smith, Conor O’Boyle, Christo Pavlov, Ronan Scolard, Norman Ludwin, Wilhelm von Dungen, George Christopoulos, Andy Hill, Nadejda Tzanova, Dimiter Fournadgiev, Brendan Hayes and Nestor Romero Clemete. 
– 3100 Euros (Early Enrollment) – Deadline 1st October


  • 4 Recording Sessions (Solo Piano, 7 Piece: String Quintet + 2 Clarinets, 21-Piece: Strings, Piano, Harp, 38-Piece: Symphony Orchestra)

  • 12 Resident & Guest Lecturers

  • 4 Star Accommodations at the Cherno More Hotel

  • 6 university credits conferred upon completion

Screen Music Program (Pavia, Italy)
Screen Music Program offers both Film and Video Game Music lecturers. It includes 10-days session of masterclasses, lecturers, colloquiums, and workshops focused on composition. The faculty includes Alison Plante, Clint Bajakian, Paolo Tortiglione and Diego Ricchiuti, and some special guests that differs every year. 
GEMS Program (Madrid, Spain)
Gems offer both Film and Game Scoring Programs as well, Christopher Young will be the lecturer for Film Scoring Program, and Garry Schymann will be the lecturer for Game Scoring Programs. The Faculty includes Nigel Ashley Lees, Juanjo Molina and Francesco Menini. 
Screen Composer Academy (Athens, Greece)
The Screen Composer Academy offer courses for both film and game composers. Faculty includes Richard Bellis, Natasa Paulberg, Vasilis Milesis, Samuel Marlieri, Henrik Lindstrom, Manos Psarris, Garry Schyman, Miriam Cutler, Jeff Atmajian, and George Christopoulous.


  • 18 String Ensemble Recording at Antart Studios
  • 34 Piece orchestra and 20 piece choir recording at Megaron Athens Concert Hall
  • 3.5 weeks of lecturers and events of SCA

  • Music tech week individual tutoring

  • Mentoring 1 to 1 sessions with guest lecturers

  • Video of orchestral recording

  • Certificate of completion and Pulse College discount

  • Three Parts Syllabus (Part One: Instrumentation, Orchestration, Music Preparation)

  • Part Two: Midi Mockups, Recording, Mixing, and Hybrid Scores

  • Part Three: Scoring for the Screen, Music Business

  • Day trip to Athens and the Acropolis

* Register now for Early Registration Discount! €2700 before January 1st, 2022!*



Program Date


Hollywood Music Workshop


Palomar Film Music Workshop

20th-28th June 2022


NYU Film Scoring Workshop


From $600

Fusion Film Scoring



Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive

12th – 15th January 2022

From $500

Film Scoring Summer Program

2nd – 27th July 2022


Screen Music Program


GEMS Program



Screen Composer Academy

3rd – 26th July 2022


I would really strongly recommend to anyone of you if possible please join the workshop to learn from the professionals. It will definitely be a wonderful experience for you to meet with so many talented people around the world. Hope to meet anyone of you in one of the workshop.

*I have joined the Hollywood Music Workshop, Fusion Film Scoring, Film Scoring Summer Program and GEMS Program. Feel free to ask any questions if you would like to.*

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