Open Back Vs Closed-Back Headphones

The internet is packed with worth-listening songs, amazing movies, and videos. To consume all that content and to enjoy the upgraded tracks you certainly need a pair of suitable headphones. But for those who do not know much about technology, the headphone marketplace appears as a maze. That’s why you need to know the differences between the two main types (Open Back and Closed-Back) and their functions before buying yourself a pair. 

In this article, we’ll unveil the differences and functions of two different types of headphones. And provide you with all the information that you should know about their uses and aptness. Give it a read and absorb valuable knowledge about headphones.


The headphones industry has advanced and introduced too many hybrid flavors in the market. But from the beginning, headphones come in two primary flavors: closed-back and open-back. The main difference between closed-back and open-back headphones is that closed-back headphones do not allow the sound to travel through the backside of the ear cups, while open-back allows it to pass. Before investing money in any of these, you should know the difference and choose wisely according to your requirements. 

Structural Differences

Open-back Headphones: as the name says they are built with an open area at the back where a metal net or vents are present for the sound regulation and breathing of ears. Due to proper airflow, these headphones will prevent your ear from getting sweaty and hot after listening to music for a long time. 

Closed-back Headphones: in these headphones, the back of the ear cup is closed by the casing, and creates a sound with a lower pitch. In this type, although the sound does not leak due to no ventilation, you cannot wear it for long. However, closed-back headphones are more durable and last longer as compared to open-back because they have fewer uncovered parts. 


Depending on your use and your needs one of these types may fit better with your preferences. Before making a choice, you must cross-check the functions of both headphone types with your working requirements. 

Open-back headphones: Do not create sound pressure in the ear cups and allow extra sound to escape through the open back. This results in enhanced clarity and maintains the original sound character. However, it also needs extra care and protection against dust and moisture. 

Closed-back headphones: Do not let the sound escape the ear cups and do not allow the outside noise to reach the ear. That is why they create sound with more bass that resonates inside the enclosed ear cups. It is good for noise cancellation but you cannot enjoy the sound clarify because of more bass. But the noise-cancellation feature is perfect for those who use it for recording musical instruments or vocals.

Open-Back Headphones are suitable for

Due to sound regulation, these headphones are great for gaming and watching videos. Because they add a natural element, your track sounds clear and amazing. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the low-pitch issue. But, due to sound leakage, these headphones are not appropriate for use in public places or noisy areas. Also, you’ll be distracted by every noise around you, which will be discouraging if you’re producing music. 

Closed-Back Headphones are suitable for

Closed-back headphones are appropriate for studio recordings and listening to music outside or in public. These headphones help you to record without being interrupted by the outside noise and filter your recordings. Closed-back is best for private listening because of complete noise isolation. Closed-back headphones are suitable for listening at the office, gyms, or in public places.

Some useful suggestions

Irrespective of your requirement or liking, there are a lot of headphone models to pick from. But here we have some helpful recommendations for you. 

Open-back designs are expensive, but they are good for you if you are a professional gamer or streamer and wear headphones for long in an environment where others do not get disturbed and noise isolation is not needed.

Closed-Back headphones are suitable if you listen to music in public and noisy areas or if you are working as a professional music producer, studio worker, or audio engineer because noise isolation is truly helpful in both cases.

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