ThinkSpace Education (Alumni)

ThinkSpace Education is an online school that offers lots of short courses that cover topics from Music Composition, Technology, and Music Business such as “Learn Music Theory”, “How To Write Music”, “Harmony One”, “Harmony Two”, “Working Composer”, “Music For The Media”, etc to help to emerge and aspiring composers to kickstart their studies.

The short courses price ranges from $49 – $349. You can study it whenever you want and submit the assignments when you are ready. 

Not only that, they do also offer Postgraduate programs for those who wish to further their studies in Music as well. The programs are in four categories 

Media Compositions
Games Audio
Commercial Music
Dual Pathway MFA Program

The duration of the Master’s Program is one year, but an MFA (focuses more than one major) might take more than two years. ThinkSpace Education is accredited by the University of Chichester (United Kingdom). 

They do also offer Full Time or Part Time (24 months/36 months) options for those has a tighter working schedule and interest-free payment plans for those that has some financial difficulties. 

The courses are written and tutored by both working media composers and professionals on the cutting-edge of music research. Their faculty members include Douglas Black Heaton, Charles Fernandez, Erik Desiderio, Yati Durant, Chris McGuire, Spencer Bambrick, Lindsay Wright, Allison Piccioni, David Denyer etc and are led by Guy Michelmore the CEO of ThinkSpace Education (TSE) Office.

During the courses, there are weekly 1 to 1 class with your individual lecturer discussing your progress. Not only that, occasionally there will be some live webinars which are valuable to all of the students. Students are encouraged to join and ask any questions they have, if students are not able to join the live class, there will be a replay ready for them to watch as revision. 

On the side note, in MA Orchestration for Film, Games and Television, there will be a Live Orchestral Session ready at the end of your course, where you can record your own music with 50-piece film orchestra! It will taking place in Europe (most likely Prague or Budapest) subject to availability. It will definitely has lots of fun and excitement where you can listen to your music played by live players! 

ThinkSpace Education also has their own official YouTube Channel which is owned by Guy Michelmore. He updates the contents very frequently and always shares lots of information that benefits anyone of us who is interested in Music. The topics cover Music Theory, Film Scoring, Music Technology, etc. It’s really worth checking it out and I’m sure you will learn tons of it from his channel!

I am an alumni from ThinkSpace Education, and I particularly like the environment of the studies even it’s an online program. They have a strong community where we can share lots of information among the classmates, or even with alumni. 

Highly recommend if you are looking for online studies! If you have any questions feel free to drop your comment below!

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2 years ago

In the COVID-19 pandemic.
This is a good way to learn music.

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